[Lyrics] Spring Day

I miss you
Because I’m voicing it like this, I miss you more
Even though I’m looking at photos of you all
I miss you
Time is too cold-hearted
I hate us
It’s becoming hard for us
to even see each other’s faces once
It’s completely winter here
Winter comes in August too
Time runs through my heart
Alone, on the snowy country train that’s left behind
(I’ll) take your hand and go to the other end of the earth
I want winter to end
How much longing has to fall down
like snow, will that spring day come?

Wandering in the void
Like a piece of dust, like a small piece of dust
If I were the flying snow
I’d be able to reach you
just a little more quickly

The snow falls from the trees
And little by little (you) go farther away
I miss you, I miss you
I miss you, I miss you

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BTS is Coming Soon…Today (1/26) in the Midst of Filming MV for New Song


BTS, who plan to have a comeback in February, are at the filming site for their music video.

On the afternoon of the 26th, BTS is at the peak of filming for their music video in Cheongju, Northern Chungcheong province. Outside, the title song and music video concepts are strictly kept secret.

BTS’s second regular album WINGS, which released last October, rose to 751,301 units sold. In the coming month, WINGS Supplemental Story will be released, which continues the previous album. Fan’s expectations are rising.

BTS’s new album WINGS Supplemental Story: You Never Walk Alone will release this coming February 13th. Right after, for two days on the 18th and 19th, they will host their solo concert 2017 BTS Live Trilogy Episode III: The Wings Tour in Seoul’s Gocheok Skydome.


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[Article] “A Great Sign” … BTS’s Pre-orders Crash Synnara Records Server


The response from fans to group BTS’s comeback is already hot. Synnara Records, a website which sells albums, crashed in the middle of pre-orders for the new album, WINGS Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone (hereafter WINGS: Supplemental Story), which began on January 25th at noon.

On the 25th at 11AM, accessing the Synnara Records homepage was difficult. On the same day at noon during the planned pre-order for BTS’s new release, there was a rush of people trying to access Synnara Records. As expected together with this, BTS’s name rose to the #1 rank of the real-time search keywords on Synnara Records’ portal site.

A screenshot of Naver’s real time search keywords

Last year, BTS sold around 751,000 units of their second regular album WINGS; it set the record for best sales on the Gaon Chart. For WINGS: Supplemental Story, which contains the story which could not be told in WINGS, expectations are gathering as to whether or not passionate BTS can set new album records starting from pre-sales.

BTS will release WINGS: Supplemental Story on February 13th, and on the 18th-19th of the same month plan to host their 2017 BTS Live Trilogy Episode III: The WINGS Tour in Seoul at the Gocheok Skydome.


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[Article] Fly High! BTS’s second full album WINGS jacket filming location

October 10th, two years after their first full album DARK&WILD, their second full album WINGS will drop.

What will BTS, who evoked curiosity via “Boy Meets What?”, meet? Right away, the boys meet “temptation.” Aren’t you curious how the boys of BTS expressed meeting temptation? Go go! Go go~

Chapter 1: Cele) Suga’s black hair (bration




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[Article] BTS’s WINGS, The Best-Selling Album of 2016


BTS’s album WINGS has been selected as the best-selling album of 2016.

According to the “2016 Wrap-up Album Chart” released by Gaon on January 13th, BTS’s second full album WINGS recorded 751,301 units sold, taking the first place spot. Their total sales volume and Gaon chart ranking from last year together gave them the highest number. 

Together with this, the special album HYYH: Young Forever, released last May, took the 4th spot with 368,369 units, the album proved strong in the charts.

At the close of 2016, BTS won Artist of the Year at the MAMAs and Album of the Year at the MelOn Music Awards, consecutively sweeping grand prizes. Both in name and in reality, they have proven themselves to be idols.

Also, they are the sole artists among Korean singers to have their name appear in four categories on America’s Billboard 2016 Year-End Chart, reconfirming their worldwide popularity and influence.

Next month on the 18th and 19th, they will have their WINGS Tour Seoul Concert at the Gocheok Skydome and then begin their world tour.


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[Article] Official Position: BTS’s side “Goal of February Comeback; Nothing Definite.”


Group BTS is in the middle of preparing a new album for a comeback next month.

A representative from their agency, BigHit Entertainment, disclosed to OSEN on the 11th: “It’s true that BTS is in the middle of preparing for a February comeback, but nothing is definite.”

This representative added, “Right now we’re concerned with what form the album will take. The comeback schedule has not been determined.”

Last year, BTS released their second full-length album which exceeded 751,000 units sold. They also set the record for best total sales on the Gaon chart. Additionally, they entered Billboard’s main album chart, the Billboard 200, at the 26th spot, thus setting good records domestically and internationally.


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[Article] BTS February Comeback… “New extension of full album WINGS”


Trending group BTS will release a new album next month, an extension of their second full-length album, WINGS.

According to an album distribution business on the 11th, they are working on the album with the goal of releasing in February and plan to promote on broadcasts with new songs for a short period.

A person from the distribution company said, “They’re currently concerned with whether the extended second album will include only the new songs and what the form of the album will be.”

The second album released last October burst with the firepower of the substantial fandom BTS gained via their three-chapter HYYH series.

With their second album, they recorded a sales volume of 751,000 units on the Gaon chart and had the largest domestic sales volume of the year.

Also, with their global fans acting like a team, they entered America’s Billboard main chart ‘Billboard 200’ at the 26th spot, the best record for a Korean artist. They were also the first to have three albums on the chart three consecutive times. Additionally, they were the first Korean artists to make it onto a UK chart (62nd spot).

A person from the distribution company said, “Presently other agencies are paying attention to BTS’s album release date,” and “several singers intend to avoid this time.”

BTS will hold their WINGS tour on February 18-19th at the Gocheok Sky Dome.


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[Article] “My Name is Agust D”…”Suga,” the real rapper Min Yoongi

pic1Inside the shabby container,

The ruined interior

And the staggering man.

“My name is”

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[Article] BTS, 2016 MAMA ‘Artist of the Year’… “We will become singers to be proud of”


Group BTS won “Artist of the Year” at the 2016 MAMAs, solidifying their position.

On December 2nd at the 2016 MAMAs (Mnet Asian Music Awards), held at Hong Kong’s Asia World Expo, BTS received the great achievements of “Best Dance Performance Boy Group” and, among the three grand prizes, “Artist of the Year.”

With this, they embraced the honor of winning their second grand prize after winning MelOn Music Awards’ “Album of the Year” last month on the 19th.

Through their agency, BTS said, “This is our unimaginable second grand prize. It’s an award our ARMYs should receive, so we think they received it instead of us. To the members who suffered together and BigHit staff, and above all else, to the fans who gave us this award, we give our sincere thanks.”

Continuing, they disclosed their thoughts on winning the grand prize. “We won’t forget this deeply touching moment of today. We will repay all of the support and praise we have received, and we will make an effort in order to become singers you can be more proud of without being embarrassed.”

This May BTS released the special album HwaYangYeonHwa: Young Forever and in October released their second full album WINGS and were active via those promotions. They also received lots of love by setting records such as being the first Korean artist to rise to the 26th spot on America’s “Billboard 200” chart.

Meanwhile, on this day, BigHit Entertainment’s president, Bang Sihyeok won “Best Producer” at the 1st Asian Artist Awards (AAA) and the 8th MelOn Music Awards (MMA). He received recognition as the best producer of this year with the honor of the triple crown.


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[Article] Star Show 360 BTS V, Saxophone Performance Fantasy… “Appearance of a Talent Specialist”

“Not too modest with this skill.”

On Monday (Nov 7th) BTS, the idols who have recently been popular through “Blood, Sweat, & Tears,” will appear on MBC Music’s Star Show 360, which will air at 5:30PM and 11:10PM on MBC Everybody.

At the recording scene on this day, BTS member V showed off an unexpected charm by displaying his hidden saxophone skill.  Before playing the saxophone, V revealed “This is first time I’m debuting and unveiling (this skill).” The other members said “This is the first time we’ve heard it too,” hinting at their curiosity.

Following this, V said “Because I rested for 6 years after graduating from middle school, there are a lot of insufficiencies, so please understand” and instantly performed The Eagles’ “Desperado” and surprised everyone. Afterwards, V’s performance of EDM on the saxophone unfolded his display of abilities.

Meanwhile, you can watch the 8th episode of “Star Show 360” on November 11 at 5:30PM and 11:10PM on MBC Everybody’s MBC Music.


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