[Article] Release of 2nd Highlight Reel Video for BTS’s Youth Movie


BTS’s comeback is properly starting.

On August 17th at midnight through BigHit’s official YouTube channel, “Love Yourself Highlight Reel: Continuation” was released.

The released video begins with Jin’s narration. V is sitting at the railroad tracks, recalling a time where he smiled happily with Rap Monster. At the hospital Jungkook, who is drawing a picture, recollects the image of playing the piano with Suga after hearing the guitar performance.

Rap Monster is sitting on a bus, and Jimin is staring at the others through a choreography practice video. J-Hope is dancing in the practice room, and Jin is dressed up in a nice suit. Finally, Suga answers the phone and wears an uneasy expression.

Each boy is carrying wounds, and they don’t have confidence that they deserve to love themselves, so they put on a fake act. The Highlight Reel: Continuation video is like a movie about youth with a story of simultaneous happiness and fear.

BTS’s new, unique style of promotion is the Highlight Reels with the posters that were released previously. They show the overall topic of the Love Yourself series, which will continue into next year, at once glance.



Please note that translations may not be 100% accurate. 

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