[Article] Prelude of New Series…BTS’s “Love Yourself”

“…Please ARMY remember what we say, love myself, Love Yourself”

Last May at one of the world’s top three music award shows, “America’s Billboard Music Awards,” Rapmonster took the podium and said the above words to the world. We didn’t know it at the time, but that acceptance speech was a spoiler for fans around the world.

This is the big picture of BTS. Finally, BTS started a new series on the 11th. After the School, HwaYangYeonHwa, and WINGS series, the title of this new series is “Love Yourself,” as Rapmonster said in his acceptance speech.

BTS debuted in June 2013 starting with 2 Cool 4 Skool and continued with the release of O!RUL8,2? and Skool Luv Affair, completing the School series that encompassed teenagers’ biggest interests of dreams, happiness, and love.

The word “series” introduces the concept of a sequence of albums and generates a new trend in the idols’ creative content. Through the series, they can communicate with fans. The HwaYangYeonHwa series that had the topic of one’s youth, made up of HYYH pt.1, HYYH pt.2, and HYYH Young Forever, became a springboard for the current BTS.

WINGS and WINGS Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone, making up the WINGS series which depicted boys who fell into temptation, were global achievements with their entry into America’s Billboard chart, iTunes charts, and England’s Official Main Chart, and they showed new directions and possibilities for K-Pop.

Like this, the content of the series BTS started is considered their secret to success. In the idol industry, album series led to a frenzy. Many idol singers jumped into this frenzy, but they can’t keep up with the continuity of one story based on close planning like BTS has.

Furthermore, instead of simply promoting for one album, BTS uses a unique promotion style for the entire series as a whole.

The HYYH prologue video that shocked many fans served as a preview for the HwaYangYeonHwa series with movie-like quality. The 7 short films that fuse cinematic characteristics and play-like elements signaled the prologue of the WINGS series. The content involves many metaphors and symbols so that the flow of the upcoming series can be followed, presenting the fans with fun.

Today, BTS signaled the start of the Love Yourself series. The poster that was released is not a promotion for the new album, but for the new series. Indeed, it is the leading step in the series. Through posters and content that will be released in the future, what is the story BTS will tell? This is why we look forward to more of this series.

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