[BTS Smeraldo Blog] Second Story: Introducing Flower Smeraldo

Many people think of flowers as something for a special day. As expected, before I began working as a florist, I thought like that. However, one of my professors in America said this:

“It’s not that flowers are needed on a special day, but that a day becomes special when there are flowers.” When I decided to bring the smeraldo flower back home, those words became a big strength to me. “Even though it’s not a well-known flower, I hope one bundle of smeraldo flowers can give the feeling of happiness.”  Carrying that wish, I will open Flower Smeraldo, my shop specializing in the smeraldo flower, this September.

BTS_Smeraldo_Truck_11A vehicle dedicated to delivering smeraldo flowers to everyone.

With a goal of opening in September, a complete view of the blooming interior construction of Flower Smeraldo

The interior of Flower Smeraldo highlights the beauty of the smeraldo. To make the overall atmosphere minimalistic, I chose the color white. And if there are arrangements of fresh smeraldos to match the mood of the day at the window seats, I wonder if that will give a moment of happiness to the everyday lives of the people passing by. (That’s…simple, right?)


I’m still in the middle of preparing to open the shop, but it’s possible to make deliveries to some areas that need it. However, please understand there is a limited quantity. Because smeraldo can create various atmospheres, it’s important for the receiver to tell me what kind of atmosphere they want. Because there won’t be enough supply of smeraldo right away, it can take up to a week on average. If there are flowers you want to arrange with smeraldo that I have to import or find, please book at least two weeks in advance. (Of course, I’ll get the best materials as quickly as possible to meet the deadline).

The sweltering weather continues day after day. Smeraldo is cultivated in North Italy on farms, where the temperature range is severe. Because Smeraldo is imported into Korea, to protect the seeds, water treatment will be given so as not to disrupt the design. That way, the beauty and freshness of the Smeraldo can be maintained for a long time.

For detailed information about flowers, please refer to the email address below. Thank you!

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