[Article] BTS February Comeback… “New extension of full album WINGS”


Trending group BTS will release a new album next month, an extension of their second full-length album, WINGS.

According to an album distribution business on the 11th, they are working on the album with the goal of releasing in February and plan to promote on broadcasts with new songs for a short period.

A person from the distribution company said, “They’re currently concerned with whether the extended second album will include only the new songs and what the form of the album will be.”

The second album released last October burst with the firepower of the substantial fandom BTS gained via their three-chapter HYYH series.

With their second album, they recorded a sales volume of 751,000 units on the Gaon chart and had the largest domestic sales volume of the year.

Also, with their global fans acting like a team, they entered America’s Billboard main chart ‘Billboard 200’ at the 26th spot, the best record for a Korean artist. They were also the first to have three albums on the chart three consecutive times. Additionally, they were the first Korean artists to make it onto a UK chart (62nd spot).

A person from the distribution company said, “Presently other agencies are paying attention to BTS’s album release date,” and “several singers intend to avoid this time.”

BTS will hold their WINGS tour on February 18-19th at the Gocheok Sky Dome.


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