[Article] “My Name is Agust D”…”Suga,” the real rapper Min Yoongi

pic1Inside the shabby container,

The ruined interior

And the staggering man.

“My name is”

“Agust D”

BTS’s Suga has returned as rapper Agust D. At midnight on the 16th of August, he released his first mixtape of the same name through Soundcloud.

Wait a minute here, mixtape? Produced non-commercially, it’s songs that are distributed for free. As a separate consideration, artists can convey their honest stories without adjustments. (T/N: meaning because the tracks are separate from the artist’s agency, they’re free to do what they want).

As expected, Agust D put his autobiographical stories into it. He put his experiences into the lyrics of ten songs in total. He even produced it himself.

“The mixtape is work that I really wanted to do. I wanted to properly show the sides of myself that I couldn’t show in BTS.” (Agust D)

Are you curious about Agust D as opposed to Suga? Starcast met Agust D. We got to admire the results of his work and also have a conversation with him.


The 19th of last month, at the set in Gyeonggi-do Namyangju.  The peak of the filming for the second track (“Agust D”) music video.


The concept is a wandering youth. The substance of the video is Suga, who had been locked away in a crumbling house, escaping after a desperate struggle, reborn as Agust D.

“I’m Agust D.”


The motto of this mixtape is the same.

“Life is the daily movement between resistance and obedience.”

pic9I’ll say it again, it’s Min Yoongi’s real story.


“I worked on these songs in 2011. At that time, I made the beats. The lyrics are filled with my real image which no one knows of. It’s unfamiliar but it’ll be unusual.” (Agust D)


So, we’re going to admire the lyrics.

A point to admire is “Min Pride.”  He’s proud of BTS’s success as an idol group. His pride in his preparation for success as Min PD (producer) is great as well. He disses other rappers harshly too.

pic12 “Some said ‘I’ll sit in this spot easily.’”

“Fxxx U”

“The category of K-pop is not a size that can contain me.”

“My tongue technology that sends you to Hong Kong with my rap.”

“Those feeble rappers? They’re thankful I’m an idol.”


In reality, after listening to the music, he should be proud. In the splendid beat, the rapid-fire rap is impressive. That charisma, he is indeed worthy of the title “King Min.”

Furthermore, his passion is uncommon. The songs he made over the last two years exceeds 60. Including features and the mixtape, it’s as many as 80 songs.


“I think that it won’t work out if people who want to make something are lazy. So except for when I have a schedule, I’m always in the work room. Because I constantly make songs, I tend to store them up. That’s my biggest wealth/asset. By doing that, my skill also develops. So I’m always putting in a lot of effort and making attempts.” (Agust D)


For a long time like that, Suga made a treasure chest of confidence. He selected 10 songs and was able to put out this mixtape.


For example… with “724148” he expressed the distress of his trainee period.


“At night I practiced and at dawn I worked a part time job. If I hauled my worn-out body like that to school I simply slept. I threw my 20-year-old self away like that.”


With “140503 At Dawn” he includes the anguish that arose from that.


“I conceal my image behind a defensive front
I conceal myself thoroughly, like a sinner
The dormitory is like a prison, I can’t take a single step outside”


In “The Last” he raps about how he overcame psychological pressures and the process of gaining self-esteem.


“The self-esteem that I thought betrayed me
has now become my pride.
My fans raise their heads honorably,
who can do as much as me uh”


Also the second track, “Agust D,” reveals a completed version of Min Yoongi’s pride.


“whole world, concert
Asiana Asia which is eaten a lot
My next goal is Billboard
brazil to new york”


What about the last track, “so far away”?
It passes on warm comfort to wandering youth.


“dream, your creation and the end of your life share it
dream, wherever your seat is, be generous
dream, in the end it will bloom after hardships
dream, even if the start is weak, the end will be prosperous”


So this was “Min Pride.”
Also, it was “King Min.”

R.e.s.p.e.c.t that passion.

Interview Time.


‘Starcast’ (hereafter ‘S’): What does “Agust D” mean?
‘Agust D’ (hereafter ‘A’): Agust D is Dt suga backwards. Dt is “D Town,” and it was the name of a hip-hop crew I was a part of in Daegu.

S: Is it really different from “BTS’s Suga”?
A: Well, I suppose so, right? It’s because it’s difficult to use this style of beats and lyrics through Bangtan’s music. In Agust D mode, I can express my thoughts freely.


S: I see. Looking at your album, it seems you really worked on it a lot.
A: There are songs on it that I thought about starting from a long time ago too. There are also songs that I wrote a month ago. At the time emotions would strike me, I’d make a note, work on it; it was the repetition of that daily.

S: The lyrics are impressive too. The anguish of the relationship between idol and rapper, you also feel that too.
A: Yes, it’s not embellished. I’m an idol. That is not untrue. But simultaneously, I’m also a person who does music. I like hip-hop. I expressed this through my music.


S: Is there a color of Suga that you’d like to show in the future?
A: Figuratively speaking, through a color, it’s white. Whatever color I paint, I want to become a person who can do them all well. As an idol, and as a rapper.

S: Lastly, if you could say a word to fans?
A: There will be a lot of different music, from the songs I showed through Bangtan. There are aggressive songs, and there are also fun songs. Don’t feel burdened, and please enjoy listening. Thank you.

It’s not Starcast without bonuses. We have prepared Suga’s visual A cut. Save them if you’re a fan, save them even if you aren’t a fan!

pic34“King Min’s charisma”

“If you smile, it’s like a puppy”

Min Yoongi,

And BTS’s Suga,

And Agust D

You’ll cheer for them, right?


checked against this translation. anything in italics indicated edits.

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