[Lyrics] Cypher Pt 4

anything marked in italics is something I missed

이름 이름 Sorry bae
Name, name. Sorry bae.
발음 발음 Sorry bae
Pronunciation, pronunciation. Sorry bae.
딕션 딕션 딕션 Sorry bae
Diction, diction, diction. Sorry bae.
Oh face not an idol Sorry bae

숨쉬고 있어서 I’m sorry bae
I’m sorry bae, because I’m breathing.
너무 건강해서 I’m sorry bae
I’m sorry bae, because I’m really healthy.
방송합니다 I’m sorry bae
I’m sorry bae, because I go on broadcasts.

지금 내가 내는 소리 bae
The sound I’m producing now, bae
누군가에겐 개소리 bae
It’s nonsense to some, bae
까는 패턴 좀 바꾸지 bae
You should change the way you diss, bae
지루해질라캐 boring bae
It’s becoming dull, boring bae
이젠 니가 안 미워
I don’t hate you now
이젠 니가 안 미워 sorry bae
I don’t hate you now, sorry bae
북이 돼줄게 걍 쎄게 치고 말어
I’ll be a drum, just hit strongly
그래 해보자 사물놀이 bae
Okay, let’s do it. Samulnoli bae*
난 괴물 너무 길어 꼬리 bae
I’m a monster with a really long tail, bae
어차피 넌 날 쏘지 bae
Anyway, you should take a shot at me, bae
그럴 바엔 편해 동물원이 bae
In that case a zoo would be more comfortable,
너도 원하잖아 씹을거리 bae
You also want to chew (me out), right, bae
니가 날 싫어해도 you know me
Even if you hate me, you know me
니가 날 싫어해도 you know me
Even if you hate me, you know me
무플보단 악플이 좋아
Hate comments are better than no comments
난 널 몰라
I don’t know you
But you know my name

I love I love I love myself
I love I love I love myself
I know I know I know myself
Ya playa haters you should love yourself

I wanna get 잠 time
I wanna get sleep time
쉴 틈 없이 받는 spotlight
The spotlight I get doesn’t rest
Ahh you wanna be my life
굶주린 놈들은 내 총알받이나 해
The starving guys, be my human shield
곱게 접해 내 멋대로 도배된
See it beautifully, drag them onto the stage
무대로 연행 다 결백 Okay
Covered with my style all innocence, okay
But 만족 못해 절대 여기에
But I can’t be satisfied, never here
나 올라 저 위에 높게 높게 높게
I rise above you, up high, high, high
그래 방식은 다르지
Yeah our ways are different
곱씹어도 가는 길
Even though I keep thinking about the road I’m on
한 땀씩 바느질
I sew one stitch at a time
못 할 거면 매듭지어
If you can’t do it anymore, put an end to it  
이젠 안 돼 가능이
Now there is no possibility
포기라는 발음이
of pronouncing “giving up”
I love ma rule 내 bro들과 하는 일
I love my rule, the work I do with my bros
그들만의 리그의 플레이어
Players in a league of their own
난 그 위 감독이 될 테니
Because I’ll become a supervisor above them
다 될 대로해
Come what may
1VERSE에 이어
Continuing 1VERSE
난 더 큰 그림을 그릴 테니
Because I’ll draw a bigger picture
평생 그 위치에서 쭉 외쳐봐라
Shout straight from that position your entire life
Dream come true
명예와 부는 그게 아냐 you
Honor and wealth, it’s not that, you
다 결국 내 발바닥 츄
Ultimately, everyone kiss the soles of my feet
클릭해 난 cat 다 mouse
Click, I’m the cat, everyone else is a mouse
골라 X 쳐 like KAWS
Choose put X like KAWS
난 내년 입주 ma house
Next year I’ll move into my house
에서 내 brick과 high five
And there I’ll high five my brick
눈뜨고 봐라 내 야망
Open your eyes and look at my ambition
귀 대고 들어라
Open your ears and listen
처음이자 마지막이 될 말
These are my first and last words

I love I love I love myself
I love I love I love myself
I know I know I know myself
Ya playa haters you should love yourself
Back back to the basic microphone check

Call me 뱁새 혹은 쎈캐
Call me baepsae or ssenkae**
그래 rap game에 난 대인배
That’s right, with my rap game I’m generous
되게 해이해졌던
I rehabilitate those
rap man들을 갱생하는 게
rap men who became lax
내 첫 번째의 계획 hashtag
Is my first plan hashtag
Sucka betta run
인스타 속 gang gang
in Instagram gang gang
그건 걔 인생이고
That’s his life and
내 인생은 뭐 매일매일 Payday paycheck
My life is daily payday, paycheck
손목 위엔 ROLEX
On my wrist is a ROLEX
Click clack to the bang bang
Click clack to the pow
I’m so high 어딜 넘봐
I’m so high, everywhere people covet
니가 도움닫기를 해도
Even if you try to run up to it
손 닿기엔 높아
My hand is too high to reach
꽤나 먼 차이 절대 못 봐
It’s quite a large gap, you can never reach
너의 똥차들의 콩깍지를
After all the bean pods***
몽땅 벗겨놓은 다음
fall away from your beat-up crappy cars
죄다 농락한 뒤
After all of that cajoling
송장이 된 면상 위를 so fly
So fly above your face that has become a corpse
Click clack to the bang
you and you
쉽게 얻은 게 하나도 없음에
I haven’t gained anything easily
늘 감사하네
I’m always thankful
니 인생이 어중간한 게
Your life is uncertain
왜 내 탓이야
Why is that my fault?
계속 그렇게 살아줘 적당하게
Please keep living moderately like that
미안한데 앞으로
I’m sorry but from now on
난 더 벌 건데 지켜봐줘
I’m going to gain more, keep an eye on it
부디 제발 건강하게
Please, please, healthily

I love I love I love myself
I love I love I love myself
I know I know I know myself
Ya playa haters you should love yourself

*traditional 4 percussion instrument performance

**crow-tit (baepsae), ssenkae = someone who has a strong or intimidating/tough appearance

***The literal translation is “I’ll remove all of your crappy car’s bean pod peels.” There’s a saying that after a crappy car comes a Benz, as in after a crappy guy leaves a girl, a good one will come along. Also, Koreans say that when you fall in love, your eyes are covered with bean pods so you can’t see well. When these fall away, you see the person clearly and oftentimes fall out of love. (Info from: here). It’s like the English saying to view someone through rose-colored glasses, aka being delusional.

Two lines entirely in italics taken from here because I had zero clue

Checked against: one, two, three

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