[Article] BTS Plans to Release 2nd Full Album, Release of Short Films with Profound Meaning

Idol group BTS has given notice of the release of their second full album WINGS.

On the 5th (of September) at midnight, their agency BigHit Entertainment released the video “WINGS Short Film #1 BEGIN” via their official YouTube channel.

This short film, via new content that combines the characteristics of a movie and elements of a play, BTS attempts to differentiate their work from standardized existing teasers and music videos.

In the released video, various symbolic elements are implied, arousing curiosity. The video starts with Rap Monster’s English narration and a whistling sound, where BTS member Jungkook wakes up from a dream. This is followed by Jungkook, who wakes up from his dream, with a drawing of a man hurled in front of him. Immediately after, a huge canvas filled with the image of a man appears.

Jungkook looks at the man on the canvas and while he’s confused, the canvas is engulfed in flames. Jungkook sobs as the painting melts to ashes. The man in the small drawing at one point changes, and the video ends with Jungkook standing alone, his shadow turning into one with bird wings.

Meanwhile, BTS plans to release short films connected to BEGIN along with the release of their second full album WINGS this year.


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