[HYYH The Notes] Seokjin

13 June YEAR 22

After returning from the sea, we were all alone.

As if we had arranged for it, we did not contact each other. Only through the graffiti left on the street, the brightly lit gas station, and the sound of the piano coming from the shabby building, could we guess each other’s existence. On each occasion, the after-image of that night was revived like a ghost. How flames seemed to drip bit by bit from Taehyung’s eyes. The eyes that looked at me as if hearing an unbelievable story. Namjoon’s hands that stopped Taehyung. Me, who couldn’t stand it and let fists fly towards Taehyung.

I couldn’t find Taehyung after he ran away, and no one was left at the seaside lodging after I returned. A broken drinking glass, blood stains that had started to congeal, and pieces of crumbling snacks were all that was left of what happened a few hours ago. In that interval of time, one picture had fallen. In that photo with the sea as the background, we were together and smiling.

Today too I passed by that gas station. Someday, the day we meet again will come. A day will come where we smile together like in that picture. A day will come where I will have the courage to face myself. But now, it’s not yet time. Today too, like that day, a damp wind blew. In the next moment, as if it were a warning, my phone rang. The photo hung on my mirror shook. Hoseok’s name was on the screen.

“Hyung, they said Jungkook was in a car accident that night.”

HYYH Notes - Jin

The original image is here.

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[Article] Prelude of New Series…BTS’s “Love Yourself”

“…Please ARMY remember what we say, love myself, Love Yourself”

Last May at one of the world’s top three music award shows, “America’s Billboard Music Awards,” Rapmonster took the podium and said the above words to the world. We didn’t know it at the time, but that acceptance speech was a spoiler for fans around the world.

This is the big picture of BTS. Finally, BTS started a new series on the 11th. After the School, HwaYangYeonHwa, and WINGS series, the title of this new series is “Love Yourself,” as Rapmonster said in his acceptance speech.

BTS debuted in June 2013 starting with 2 Cool 4 Skool and continued with the release of O!RUL8,2? and Skool Luv Affair, completing the School series that encompassed teenagers’ biggest interests of dreams, happiness, and love.

The word “series” introduces the concept of a sequence of albums and generates a new trend in the idols’ creative content. Through the series, they can communicate with fans. The HwaYangYeonHwa series that had the topic of one’s youth, made up of HYYH pt.1, HYYH pt.2, and HYYH Young Forever, became a springboard for the current BTS.

WINGS and WINGS Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone, making up the WINGS series which depicted boys who fell into temptation, were global achievements with their entry into America’s Billboard chart, iTunes charts, and England’s Official Main Chart, and they showed new directions and possibilities for K-Pop.

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[BTS Smeraldo Blog] Second Story: Introducing Flower Smeraldo

Many people think of flowers as something for a special day. As expected, before I began working as a florist, I thought like that. However, one of my professors in America said this:

“It’s not that flowers are needed on a special day, but that a day becomes special when there are flowers.” When I decided to bring the smeraldo flower back home, those words became a big strength to me. “Even though it’s not a well-known flower, I hope one bundle of smeraldo flowers can give the feeling of happiness.”  Carrying that wish, I will open Flower Smeraldo, my shop specializing in the smeraldo flower, this September.

BTS_Smeraldo_Truck_11A vehicle dedicated to delivering smeraldo flowers to everyone.
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[BTS Smeraldo Blog] First Story: Fateful Meeting with Smeraldo, Prologue Story

Please note that these translations may not be 100% accurate. I’m translating all of the posts; they’ll be under the Smeraldo category on my blog.

Hello. I am Florist Testesso.

The reason I started this blog was to introduce the ‘smeraldo’ flower. I’m saying this in advance, but I’m preparing to open a flower shop that specializes in the Smeraldo flower around the middle of September. Thinking about it, this place could just be a promotion blog for my shop, but I don’t think that my encounter with the smeraldo flower is just simple business.


My first connection with the smeraldo flower dates back to 5 years ago. At that time, I was studying abroad in North Dakota in America. In order to participate in FLOWER 2012, hosted by an American floral academy, I went ahead and traveled to Virginia. It was 5 hours of flying time from North Dakota to Virginia, and it took more than 7 hours total to get from my dorm to the academy.

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[BTS Smeraldo Blog] Opening Event Translation

If you’re not familiar with the BTS Smeraldo Blog, which seems to be hinting at their comeback, I’m planning on writing up a longer post later. I’ll link it here after I’ve done so.

Please note that these translations may not be 100% accurate. 

Here’s a translation of the “opening event” blog post.

Hello. I am Florist Testesso.

People who want to courageously confess to their unrequited/secret love, and people who could not tell their parents “I love you” due to embarrassment. Please send me your stories about truths you could not tell because you didn’t have the courage. I’ll convey 7 of your truths by selecting through a lucky draw (T/N: like a lottery).

Until August 15th at 10PM, email me at flowersmeraldo@gmail.com with your name, phone number, and the story.

Please show a lot of interest to Flower Smeraldo in the future. Thank you.

(There’s hashtags on the post too, and they are: smeraldo, flower, TruthICouldn’tTell, and event, all written in Korean except for Smeraldo.)

This was posted July 20, 2017. Here’s the original.

Additionally, the blog currently has 9 posts in several categories. Categories: Opening Event, Flower Smeraldo, and Playing Card. There are sub-categories for Flower Smeraldo which are: Smeraldo Stories, Bouquet, Flower Basket, and International Smeraldo Academy.

The display name is “testesso” which means “yourself” in Korean. The Instagram associated with the blog is “amare__0.” Put that together to get “amare te stesso” which means “love yourself” in Italian. Where have we heard that before? 😉

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[Article] “2017 Half-year All Kill” … BTS Swept Korean and Japanese Charts


Group BTS conquered the representative music charts of Korea and Japan during the first half of the year.

According to the July 7th “2017 Half-Year Album Chart” released by Gaon Chart, which is recognized as the official music chart in Korea, BTS’s You Never Walk Alone took first place by recording 728,417 units sold.

Along with that, according to the “2017 Oricon Half-Year Single Ranking,” released by Japan’s Oricon Chart, “Blood, Sweat, & Tears (Jpn version)” recorded an estimated 257,621 units sold, placing 11th. Among the Top 20, they’re the only Korean singers to appear.

They are not only the highest ranking Korean artist but the highest ranking foreign artist on this year’s Oricon Half-Year Singles and Album charts, which proved their hot popularity in Japan.

BTS’s WINGS Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone recorded 713,063 units sold last February, setting the record for the monthly Gaon Chart.

Meanwhile, on July 4th, BTS released the first formal remake of Seo Taeji’s 1995 song “Come Back Home,” 22 years later. The song rose on iTunes charts around the world and is gaining popularity.


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[Article] “Billboard! Bangtan has arrived”…’BTS’, The Burning Pink Carpet


BTS has attended the 2017 Billboard Music Awards.

On the afternoon of May 21st (local time) in Las Vegas, Nevada, BTS walked the pink carpet at the T-Mobile arena.

As BTS appeared, the fans there shouted passionately. They came out of the Billboard supplied car for the ceremony and went inside the award hall confidently.

Meanwhile, BTS was nominated for Top Social Artist at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards. It is a first among K-Pop boy groups. The competition unfolded between BTS and artists like Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and Ariana Grande.

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[Lyrics] Not Today

All the underdogs in the world
A day may come when we lose
But it is not today
Today we fight

No not today
언젠가 꽃은 지겠지
Someday flowers will wither
But no not today
그 때가 오늘은 아니지
The time is not today
No, no not today
아직은 죽기엔 too good day
It’s too good of a day to die yet
No, no not today no no no not today

그래 우리는 EXTRA
Yeah, we’re extra
But still part of this world
그것도 별 거 아녀
It’s not a big deal
오늘은 절대 죽지 말아
Definitely won’t die today
빛은 어둠을 뚫고 나가
The light pierces through the darkness
새 세상 너도 원해
You want a new world too
Oh baby yes I want it

날아갈 수 없음 뛰어
If you can’t fly, run
Today we will survive
뛰어갈 수 없음 걸어
If you can’t run, walk
Today we will survive
걸어갈 수 없음 기어
If you can’t walk, crawl
기어서라도 gear up
Even while crawling, gear up
겨눠 총 조준 발사
Ready, aim, fire

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[Lyrics] 네시 (4 o’clock)

Listen to the song here.

어느 날 달에게
One day, I wrote
길고긴 편지를 썼어
a long letter to the moon
너보다 환하진 않지만
It won’t become brighter than you
작은 촛불을 켰어
But (I) lit a small candle

어스름한 공원에
In the park at twilight
노래하는 이름 모를 새
there’s a nameless singing bird
Where are you?
Oh you

왜 울고 있는지
Why are you crying
여긴 나와 너 뿐인데
When it’s just me and you here?
Me and you
Oh you

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[Article] Park Bogum, release of travelogue to Jeju with BTS V


Actor Park Bogum and BTS’s V captured their 2 night 3 day trip to Jeju.

On the 21st, Park Bogum published a video on his personal Youtube and social media titled “Spring Day.” It was (a video) of his Jeju travelogue with V from the 15th through 17th.

In the video starts with the plane tickets they used from Gimpo Airport to Jeju and is filled with portions of their travel in Jeju. V jokes around with a horse, and Park Bogum caught fan’s eyes with his smiling image in a field of rapeseed flowers.

As expected, V previously released pictures he took with Park Bogum in Jeju on BTS’s official social media. Rumored to be close friends in the entertainment industry, the friendship between Park Bogum and V evoked a heartwarming feeling.


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